Looking Through Stained Glass

After Glow

And facing each other


Unashamedly drinking satisfaction's nectar
A potent sip of pleasure's delight
Harmonized heartbeats
Inhaling the surging electricity
Of love and want

In the dewy silence
Our spirits sing
Like morning birds
Greeting the dawn
Your almond shaped eyes
Peacefully closed
Gaze with a clarity
Upon fantasy personified

My fingers trace your contours
With a soft, subdued caress

Every valley,

Every mountain,

Every sinew,

Every bone

I am a sculptor
Tenderly touching clay
Sensing the seduction of casting
Satisfaction's masterpiece
We slowly slip back
From our scenic sensuality
I cradle you

In my arms

In my heart

In my spirit

In my love

As we slowly sail adrift
On slumber's waves

Until morning calls

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