Looking Through Stained Glass

After All

Seemed like yesterday they made vows of bliss
A whirlwind romance, emotions reeling
They can't say just when they lost the feeling
Their lives were supposed to be more than this

The familiarity of silence
Easy comfort overrides, aching need
And the contempt of the familiar did breed
Becoming part of their daily penance

And it's not that all their love is gone
Just the part the part ''in love with' is through
And neither knows what else that they can do
Only knowing it's too hard to hold on

He goes with her on their nightly walk
Each in this together yet each alone
In a silence that makes the fall trees moan
Until he says the words 'We need to talk'

She knows all the words that he wants to say
To say the words is to make the stand
But the words are just beyond his command
So instead he tries to kiss them away

Sometimes forever is just a few years
And that's all there's ever going to be
Hardly a drop in infinity's sea
Just one more cry in an ocean full of tears

And she tries hard not to let one tear fall
For her heart is already missing him
Even with her lips softly kissing him
Knowing this is their good-bye after all

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