Looking Through Stained Glass


Every Friday night there’s this guy
That comes to my “gentlemen’s’ bar
There by nine, yes, he’s a regular
But he’s more than regular by far

On the first night I danced for him
I thought he would be another sleaze
But before it the night was over
We were both weak in the knees

I touched him the right way
And felt him rise just so
But when I straddled him
He continued to grow

And that got my attention
As he grew before my eyes
It occurred to us both then
He wasn’t alone in getting a rise

I had to concentrate on just dancing
As I moved my body all about
All I craved was to pull that zipper
And oh! Just let that baby out!

Some guys like me to be quiet
Others say silence is rude
But I knew he like my comment
On his incredible magnitude

And all he can do is look at me
While anything goes with what I touch
And for once I was enjoying my work
Oh I was enjoying it way too much

But I somehow maintained control
And put him through my paces
Using uur joint imaginations
Putting him in different places

Like slithering him in my wetness
Until our bodies became weak
Rotating my hips against him
Until we both reached our peak

He knew how to control it
Make it pulse, make it last
I found myself dreaming
Of baiting him to strike fast

And I know he knew what I wanted
How I was desperate to take a chance
His smile quickly made me realize
He was the one leading this dance

And once he knew I knew it
He just grinned and said “go on”
But I said no and continued to grind
Until we were both just too far gone

It was all we could do to not scream
As we rode through our clothing’s folds
Neither one of us giving quarter
Until we had both struck solid gold

I admitted that was a first for me
And for him it was the same
And as he paid me for the pleasure
I made a quip that became his name

He tried others, but now asks only for me
And if I tell him I’m off, then he won’t show
We know nothing else about each other
But all things considered, what is there to know

No one knows it’s a mutual dance for us
They just know, he’s my regular date
That come nine I don’t take another client
‘Cause I won’t make my Anaconda wait

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