Looking Through Stained Glass


Autumn Musings
Autumn Musings

Now cool winds sounds my porch bells so sweetly
For whom the bells tolls? Yes, they toll for me

Listen to the pulse of the rustling sound
Children cocoon in leaves on the ground

They have had their spring and summer fun,
Now it’s harvest time ripened by the Sun

Just enough of crisp hints at dusk and dawn
To dig out a fav sweater and put on

The scent of apples waft from orchards full
In a valiant fight against nature’s pull

But they’re not a match for the likes of me
I handle their picking quite skillfully

Apples hide from picking? Oh, what’s the use
Newly moist lips laugh at freshly pressed juice

As summer‘s bright colors are slowly shed
For aprons in hues of browns, rusts and reds

Leaves blushing in with embarrassed distress
In the face of finding themselves undress

Leaves hanging from trees in coins of gold
Oh so soon to slip from a twig’s weak hold

The falling leaves symbol a season’s cry
Tears if you will as summer says good bye

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