Looking Through Stained Glass


Poncho- Warm
His complexion is dark
even more so in the dimness of the night
a smooth polished ebony
what little light there is
playing on the curve and contours
of his wide shoulders
broad back
long thighs
knobby knees
I know I should have been asleep long ago
         I can't
   there is such a screwball perfectness
   to his form in sleep
   marred only by
      scars collected over the years
           each one a separate story
                each one a separate delight
He turns in is sleep and reaches out
   I move just close enough to lay within
          His reach
   His hand slowly slides down my arm
     from the shoulder to the elbow
          to the hand to the fingers resting on
                  my hip and thigh searching
For something even he doesn't realize that he's looking for I smile to myself and nuzzle close to him feeling him smelling him silently whispering I'm here right here right next to you
And finally having found
     the something
           only his sleeping soul can find
  his hand relaxes
     and I feel his body
          go deeper into the sleep
               he never woke from
   and finally I join him

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