Looking Through Stained Glass

Loving Through a Broken Heart

Though my eyes are closed, I still see each
Curve of her body through the widening breech
A distance of galaxies though we’re a mere room apart
The lines of her spine I mentally chart

Loving her is a pauper’s face pressed against the pane
Pining at the goods to make the hunger wane
Lusting on the scent of that which I beseech
But with no coin in pocket; she’s out of my reach

Wanting so bad to recover the trust
Wasted in a weakened moment’s lust
Unthinkingly pushed away the arms seeking mine to hold
Forced her to find warmth elsewhere from the cold

Secure in the knowledge of my own mind
Until legal sheets of paper caught me, blind
Marking the sad end of what was happily, begun
Stare at me from the nightstand like a loaded gun

I know, the hurt is not mine alone
Nor is the blame totally mine to own
I want to say I still love her, but don’t know how to start
It’s what happens when you’re loving through a broken heart

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