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Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath

Let's take a bubble bath together darling, you and I
Throw inhibitions to the wind, don't be shy

Walk with me sweetie, to the edge of the bath
The shortest distance to the tub? Of course a straight path

Allow me to disrobe first, and then, gently disrobe you
One slow layer each, so we'll both enjoy the views

Then immerse our nakedness and gently settle
Beneath the bubble bath foam, sprinkled with rose petals

Give me you legs as you settle your seat
So I can wash, massage and kiss the soles of your feet

One at a time, in this loving bath
Cleansing each leg, and kissing each strong calf

All the little worries of the day, become distant past
I'll relax you, baby, until you close you eyes at last

You'll nuzzle close to my body so warm, so moist, so supple
Moving with a rhythm that is slow, amidst the bubbles

We'll do a little dance in the bubbles, say a tango with our tongues
I 'll get a grip in the water to see what's sprung

We'll explore each other, while on passion's plain we roam
Indulging ourselves in the warm waters beneath the foam

Needless to say, little bathing is truly done
But I don't think you'll mind, will you hon?

We'll stay 'till the water's tepid and the bubbles are no more
It's good clean fun, my darling, what else are bubble baths are for!

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