Looking Through Stained Glass

The Carny

With the blare of a trumpet and crash of a clown
The Memorial Day Carny has come to town!

The Ring Master in his hat so tall
Gallantly beckons “Come one! Come all!”

So we plucked down our coins and push for a good seat
Having caution not to step in something “sweet”

We watched the dexterous gents bring foot to jaw
We watched the magician hack that gal with a saw

Then put her back together down to her rhinestone vamps
And laughed so hard at the clowns we all had cramps

But the best/worst part was the lion tamer
with two haggard cats that couldn’t be lamer

The younger one looked already half dead
The older one could barely lift his own head

With a mixture of bravado (and yeah some ‘hooch)
I yelled I was more fearful of my ol’ blind pooch

Money started changing hands as someone yelled “Git ‘em Brett!”
And like a fool I joined ‘em on, for a piece o’ that bet

With a hush that can only come with awe
I went up to that elder lion and shook its paw

And just as that ol’ lion turned to bite me in the ass
I woke up as the bell rang – Whew! Time for my next class

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