Looking Through Stained Glass


A clan we wanted, when Hall and I wed,
As many have had such thoughts in their head

Some children of charm, a pure reflection,
Children raised in a home of affection

We tried and tried, slowly coming to see,
That maybe children, just weren't meant to be

I wanted to consider adoption,
But soon realized it wasn’t an option

For months we went back and forth in dispute
But he would not budge, he was resolute

If not his own, he wanted no other,
Thus, I took the role of childless mother

With a wistful look at each child I saw,
Another piece of my heart would withdraw

With his jacket on, he left me to stew,
Growling as the distance between us grew

I’d count the days, as they became the past,
I realized I needed some help at last

My lack of child was my identity
I couldn’t believe, that he’d love just me

Father Time would fetch yet another year,
Before our lives could become something dear

Love and time gave us so much more to do,
As we adopted not one child, but two

When our doctor learned of a new advance
At first, we held out on taking the chance

But we called and endured the first test
Sent a prayer to God, and hoped for the best

But the oblique manner of our doc’s face,
Made us wonder, what now was out of place

We can’t get a life, when there’s one within
But somehow his words just would not sink in

With a salute, he assuaged all our fear;
"Your pregnancy means you don’t need us here"

When we had given up, we got it all
The verge of tears we held were free to fall

Yes, it took some years, to build our dream clan
We get a life according to His plan

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