Looking Through Stained Glass

A Cold Goodbye

I awake mere minutes
Before the alarm
And turn it off
before it sounds
My intent
To leave quietly
Before the dawn
But my motions
Have awakened her
For she’s smiling
When I turn back
And I know that smile
Quite well

Taking an ice cube
From the remnants
Of sour mash
I glide the cube
Across her forehead
And down her nose
Sliding it over closed eyelids
And down the sides of her face
The remaining sliver
Of liquid glass
Becomes a sullen shard,
Melting to a bland drop
In the palm of my hand

Taking another cube
Between my fingers,
I circle her resplendent curves
Droplets of water
Slide down her nude body
From tips swollen
By cold and heat

The water forms
A sweet luster
Across her skin
Glistening in the first streaks
Of dawn through the window
Trickling across her body
To the sheets,
Revealing a new wet spot
That differs from the first
As both start to spread,

Slight shivers course
Through my blood
As I watch and compare
The contrasts of
Her overheated body reveling
In the cold sensation
Of ice sliding
Between her thighs
The melting ice flows
Across hot lips
Making them cold
And her jewel glistens
In the brightening dawn

She moans
As the ice gets lost
Deep inside
Fingers search
And as a taste follows
The last of the ice melts
Over my tongue

I succumb
To the temptation
Hot and cold converge
In a deeper search
Of half-frozen murky depths
Finally provoking
A tremulous climax
Shaking all over
We’re both soaked

Now in the full glare
Of a new day
We both know
This is good-bye
And as her eyes glisten
I know it’s not
From the ice

Nude Woman at Window

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