Looking Through Stained Glass

Come my Maestro
Graphic of hand playing piano keys on woman
  Come my Maestro
It is time
For an interlude

Play me

Tinkle the lines of my throat
And the soft, ripe, plush
Of my mouth
Like the keys of a piano
With your kisses

Strike a chord within me
And make me feel


Your strong fingers caress
Along the curve of my hips
as I arch,
And give myself in
to your manipulations

You play me
Like a fine instrument
Knowing just when to pluck

My strings

And create within me
A perfect concerto

Reaching crescendo
With your ravenous lips
Upon my


You make me rise and fall
In rhythm
To the movements
Of your

Until the final note
Dies away
Deep within my


And after this most brief
of intermission
I dare say
It is worth the time
For an encore

Ce n'est pas?

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