Looking Through Stained Glass

A Letter from Demeter to Persephone

Darling Daughter,

It’s been a cold winter without you my dear. I know it is not news to you, per se, but I find your absence especially daunting this season. The twenty-twenty lens of hindsight so has me playing a vicious and always fruitless game of ‘what ifs’ and as always to no avail. What if a chef could have whipped up a brew of some sort – things like that. I have conjured a thousand and a half such scenarios. Still, nothing new can shed a single candlelight as to how this could have turned out differently.

Here in my half of the world, I have somehow made a dent in the garden. A hollow reed holds the space that waits. A single white rose will be planted upon your return. Another to go along with the several others we have planted over the years. Soon that part of my garden will be as snow white in the summer when you are here as in the winter itself when you gone.

I know this separation is as equally daunting for you. No one else could carry out these roles such as we have and still maintain our dignity and pride as one of the Gods.

Women like us have no peer. In the end, we each do, as we must.

Until Your Return,
I Love You,

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