Looking Through Stained Glass

I Love You Dad
Father's Day

When Dad passed, I took it okay
He had been sick for a while, it was no surprise
I stayed strong for my mom, lived my life
Let the tears flow from her eyes

Every Sunday I visit her,
This particular Sunday, happened to be Father's Day
Only a few weeks had passed since he died
And the memories got in the way

The walls were lined with awards
Numerous honors, numerous feats
Pictures of the family through the years
Even the strings from his college football cleats

The sportsman, the businessman
He even had a notation from a long gone pet
But his most treasures prize
Was the smallest one yet

Mom gave me Dad's old wallet
Guess it hurt too much to give before now
As I looked through the contents
I understood why and how

In his wallet were papers
Many yellowed, fragile from the life they had
and a note in a child's scrawl
Simply saying "I love you Dad"

I have no idea when I wrote it
I have no idea why
But I miss you Dad and I love you
Guess it's my turn to cry

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