Looking Through Stained Glass


Come wandering alone
And hide in the throng
Disappear in anonymity
For the cost of a train ride and a song

Hear an urban cowboy sing
In the middle of the street
Clad only in his hat, his undies
And the boots on his feet

Over there on the next sidewalk,
Hear South American flutes for some change
Have a pretzel, roasted peanut or a hotdog
For the cost of coins, it can be arranged

Want to live forever on paper
Why don’t you know?
For an hour and a few dollars
That guy there’s the next Picasso.

Is that silver statute real?
Are another human faux?
Try taking a coin from the hat
It’s the only way you’ll know

Walk a little farther down
To the dozen prostitutes on the corner
Each gestures for you to imbibe
The pleasures only she can offer

XXX shows on your one extreme
Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty on the next
A spot for baby brother, or kinky lover
It’s enough to leave a brow perplexed

All beneath the Vegas like lights
Don’t forget to greet those dancing feet
Get waxed at Madame Tussaund’s
You’re passing through 42nd Street 42nd Street

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