Looking Through Stained Glass

A Good Girl Who Does

As a thinker I excelled in science and chess
Bright in my other academics, I gave no less
Could mentally match, just about whatever you bring
Daunted only by my emotional state, a very different thing
Ever curious, I took a shine to coition with ambition
Female born, however held a certain restriction
Gracious model of virtue? Hah! I never tried to be
Held back within all the rules of social complicity

Inquisitive, I felt it more honest than being just a tease
Justly stated, I would pursue my desires as I would please
Knowing that the names for me were much closer to 'whore'
Love was but a word as the males I knew were free to 'score'

Mainly, I felt you can't grow a garden by reading a book
Negating convention, I dared to do more than just look
Oh guys can easily convey how often they go to bat
Privately the girls aren't ever to admit knowing any of that
Quietly I learned to hide how I came to know so much
Raging that a male is never asked to hide knowledge of such
Softy hum the foulest limerick and I can still be called quaint
Talk intimate knowledge of a hummer, when you're barely twenty ain't

Understanding people, I have known only one or two
Vicious rumors and some cruel truths, I muddled through
Watching eyebrows raise as double-standards reared its head
X-rated knowledge in a g-rated world was a hard path to tread

Years went by before I felt I wasn't a freak
Zeroing in that I'm a rarity someone unique
Allowed myself to enjoy it all in its various forms
Because I refuse to stilted by the social world's norms
Carnal knowledge once bane, I'm now admired for
Day or night, finally happy, I don't care any more

Every now and then I'll get outrageous with a verbal gush
Freaking people out now, on purpose, just to watch them blush

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