Looking Through Stained Glass

Hearts Desire

The blade is left for me to see
The ingle illumes its true decree
Inwardly I know I should let it be
But it was an issue of peace to me; a icon of final peace to me

The ideate to which I had no fear
An iffy thought I came to revere
An impish voice within my ear
A sound I heard all too near; a scream that whispers all too clear

Incise the hearth with your ploy
The blade speaks with a voice so coy
I nod like a chastised boy
And it leaps into my hand with joy, it leaps into my hand with joy

The blade so swift it came to be
That one incised was me
Imbrued with the crimson spree
I smile with a certain glee; I smile with a certain glee

Like me, cast aside in a dusty mire
You knew I’d take the blade to purpose higher
That's why you cleaned and left it waiting by the fire
So I’m giving you your hearts desire, the last time to give you your hearts desire

I take purchase on the floor
Leaving you a gift you can’t ignore
You’ll find me still smiling by the door
But I won’t be here anymore, I won’t be here anymore


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