Looking Through Stained Glass


I Dream

I dream of your touch of tender reciprocity

Even when we’re a coast and telephones apart,
There’s a token of your presence within my heart

I dream of your smile, the cute peals of your laughter

It’s in the whisper in the wind I feel each day,
The tangle of your essence in my soul to stay

I dream of your warmth, of your lips twiddle against mine

When we first felt those thin ties, said those words of love,
I sensed a tear as the heavens smile from above

I dream of drifting to sleep in your arms embrace

Softly brushing my fingertips against your skin
My soul brimming with the joy of our love within

I dream of waking with our bodies touching

Your eyes sing a song of love; your lips have tales too,
My heart fills with happiness, from the thought of you

I awaken to the day with you in my arms

I could tab through the years and not find love so true,
I find myself facing the deep love that is you

And know my dreams are the sweetest reality

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