Looking Through Stained Glass

I Guess It Doesn't Matter

I'm just looking for a smile Just a little laughter
But if no one's there to give it
Then, I guess it doesn't matter
You're the first to tell me all about
The things I've done wrong
never what I do right
Is it so hard to say praise
Once in a while?
or will I always be wrong in your sight?

It's not that I don't try
I just don't try in the way
that's right to you
You don't seem to see
I'm a different person
I don't do things the same as you

If you won't cut me loose
Add a length to the chain
Either I go a little freer
Or I go insane

I have different ways from your own
And different roads to explore
It's hard enough trying to keep you satisfied
and I need something more

There are certain things I'm good at
Things only I can make whole
Denying me the chance to try them
Is denying me my soul

I don't want to go into my future
And only see the tears I cry
For once having had the dream
But never the chance to try

Just a chance to be myself
Is the only thing I'm after
But If I don't have that chance at all
Then, I guess it doesn't matter

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