Looking Through Stained Glass

Innocence Grieves

An orphan she is on all alone
But too young to live on her own
She lives now in a new time zone
From all she’s known, all that she’s known

From city streets to fresh cut grass
At first she feels fragile as glass
She finds her way in time’s amass
And it does pass, yes it does pass

And so she grows in time’s exchange
Far from the girl who felt estranged
Happy in what the fates arranged
But then things change, but then things change

He tells her not to question why
Big girls like her don’t ever cry
As rough fingers travel so sly
Upon her thigh, upon her thigh

Soon all is still as shadows creep
In darkened room she does not sleep
Eyes dulled over as haunted sheep,
Her hurt is deep, so very deep

She doesn’t know just what has strayed
That there’s a cost for life’s upgrade
And this is how that debt is paid
And she is preyed, each night she’s preyed

This was supposed to be godsend
Instead it’s a hell she descends
And how much time there will she spend
Before it ends, before it ends

Gone are the days of sweet naive
Pain lines the hearts cavernous cleave
As blissfulness now takes its leave
Innocence grieves, oh how it grieves

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