Looking Through Stained Glass


Just As The Dawn Comes

Lovers in Glade

(try to imagine this sung by a renaissance minstrel playing a lute)

His turn to sail his fair share’s load
He'll soon travel down a lonely road
A challenge that is self bestowed
See her once more 'fore the cock has crowed

He’ll travel so very far away
Nearly a year will have passed their day
With only in sweet letters to have their say
Come dawn’s light their last chance to play

A price he’ll pay and them some,
to see her just as the dawn comes

Her dreams are always filled with he
Who makes her heart dance merrily
She wakes and dresses prettily
Knowing just what he’s longed to see

At first he can’t see her and his heart is sore
Did the moment pass, gone forever more
Then he spies her standing just within the door
As the first rays of light track across the floor

Just a few moments to freedom,
to see her just as the dawn comes

As she stands in the perfect place
Her figured shadowed in sheer lace
The light dances on each curves grace
Finally reaching her lovely face

Slowly easing the pain of his plight
The too long journey over many a night
He's transfixed in beholding the sight
Her beauty captured in dawn’s early light

Her body firm, yet lithesome,
glowing gold just as the dawn comes

The parting draws near, but she cares none
He smiles and she’s nearly undone
To her he is resplendent in the rising sun
Into her open arms he starts to run

And she watches as his weariness fades
And a new feeling deftly pervades
As she gladly takes him in the glade
The needs of passion demand to be obeyed

To their fervor they finally succumb,
just as the dawn comes

Some say after the fading of the morning dew
You just make out the place where their love ensued

But never in the full light of sun,
only just as the dawn comes

Lute Player

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