Looking Through Stained Glass

Mr. Palmer

Artwork: The Singleman

Did she make you mad?
And object of ridicule?
Did she leave her sad taint upon you?

Come get me.

I am there…
There whenever,
There wherever,
There whatever.

I’m not gallant,
I just know what you need.

Come get me.

For I know you
All of you,
Inside and out
To the letter “T”
I’ve known you before
The last one
During this one
And perhaps
After the next one
From your junior
’Till when
You’re much elder
It’s how we

Come get me.

I've seen
Sides of you
No one's ever seen
I hear you cry
And when you scream
You know
I don’t care.
I won’t
Imbrue you with
Needless guilt.

Come get me.

In joy
In anger
Or when
You just need
To take
Some of the edge off
When feeling

Come get me.

And when you’re done
Spent, lying back in repose
I’ll go back,
Back to the shadows
From whence I came,
Until the next need
And you’re pressed to be
Happy again
I’ll be ready for you
Or at least
As long as
Your arm holds out

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