Looking Through Stained Glass

Mysteries Revealed

1. Though at first I refused to see
2. I fear of what would lie within
3. And so, for now right here I sit
4. My eyes too blind to see
5. I cannot face them

6. Pounding thoughts in my head droning
7. As the tiny bumps begin to rise
8. Slowly I begin to understand
9. Something inside just clicked
10. Begging me to look

11. not the answers I longed to find
12. The pain this knowledge brings to me
13. cannot erase them
14. my heart lay in shatters at my feet
15. The burdens were not lifted but multiplied

16. A part of me dies inside
17. After all – I created it
18. And I sit in silence, scared and cold
19. So now that I know how much you lied
10. I manage to smile through the pain

21. The truth, they say, will set you free
22. I know exactly what this means,
23. if I look much further
24. Mysteries revealed.

25. our love is not forever

1. Looking Back
, Juxtaposed
3. Transformation
4. This Pain
5. Juxtaposed

6. Pounding
7. Mysteries Revealed
8. Looking Back
9. Chance
10. Some Things Never Leave Us

11. Juxtaposed
12. Our Sad Love Song
13. Juxtaposed
14. Shattered
15. Uncertainty's Fear
16. Dragon Dying
17. Transformation
18. The Illusion
19. Uncertainty's Fear
20. Shattered

21. Death of Lies
22. Ignored Goodbye
23. Juxtaposed
24. Mysteries Revealed

25. Long Gone

All lines from this Quarter-Cento are from the works of Michael Walker
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  This poem's form is called: The Cento

A cento is also called a patchwork or found poem. It is made entirely of lines from other poets. Centos are traditionally comic in nature. The only lines you can use to create a cento are lines from other poems. The lines you choose must stay just as they are written—you cannot make any changes or drop any words. All the poems can be by the same poet. You can repeat a line if you wish. After your cento is complete, at the end of it list the poem and poet for each line—the source
information will be as long as the poem.
Traditioanly a cento is one hundred lines long - thus the name. However, modern writers use can variations such as the quarter-cento (twenty-five lines) or the semi-cento (fifty lines).

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