Looking Through Stained Glass

No Name Yet

Standing by the river of time
Each wave lap is second’s chime
Don’t really know if it’s coming or going
Just know that time is steadily flowing
By my feet rooted to this dirty shore
Comprised of tiles from my bathroom floor

And I know if I could put name to my fear,
I could find myself a way out of here
The sun will rise and the sun will set and my fear – has No Name Yet

Feels like minutes, hours, days, weeks and years
Before I realize the river’s my own tears
Can almost feel the peace that I’ve sought
But the noise of the world just clouds my thought
Just need a moment to talk to the spirit
Ask for an answer and be able to hear it

If I can form the question to the Power that Be,
I know somehow the answer will set me free
The sun will rise and the sun will set but my question – has No Name Yet

Trying to be the one voice among the chatter
Only to find out that it just doesn’t matter
We see the words that we did not say
Then close our eyes hear them anyway
Feels like we’re reading the thoughts of the mindless
Or looking at the world through another’s blindness
Reaching out to those who’d love to avoid us
Who else to blame for the mental coitus

I’ve been standing here for oh so long,
the world goes on with the same old song
The sun will rise and the sun will set and the song – has No Name Yet


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