Looking Through Stained Glass

Upon ocean blue I choose to sail
Through seas so mild or a hearty gale
Her charm is one I must heed to
I choose to sail, upon ocean blue

Within my sites, new ports of call
The variety keeps me in thrall
I rarely book stays more than fortnights
New ports of call, within my sites

If I’m away too long, I get dizzy
Hardened towns, keeps me in a tizzy
I drown on earth for true whale song
I get dizzy if I’m away too long

Encore returns at the next bay
All possible worries drift away
With she who understands my yearn
At the next bay, encore returns

When upon land I become churlish
I do what I must then off with a flourish
It’s more than my patience can stand
I become churlish, when upon land

I refresh my soul, upon the seas
My heart eases in the breeze
Ship in full kilter, at the control
Upon the seas, I refresh my soul

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