Looking Through Stained Glass

One Expensive Gamble

There you were, looking at me, oh so very enterprising
Not that you could help yourself, I knew I was tantalizing
But as the fates may be, I found you too, to be mesmerizing
And we were falling so hard, before we could start emphasizing

Oh the crazing, of both our minds, from all the inundations
The burden we took on, with those acts of copulation
Brought on with the reality, of lack of safe relation
Are questions of some other things potential circulation

The beginnings of a romance, that seemed quite a surety
Quickly, decayed into something, lacking all civility
For all purpose, in the world, of wanting staunch equality
The speed in which you ran for the curb, was cold reality

Seemed last minute, it was spring, and again, the leaves are turning
Too late to turn a new leaf, when I felt the first of burning
Knowing there would come a day, this slight pain I’d be learning
Would be among so many things, in time I would be yearning

My affluence or elegance, was given not a pity
Both dwindled, along with my friends, in this cold-hearted City
I was a big girl and the weight loss at first made my feel pretty
But it wouldn’t stop, and pretty soon. I was looking gritty

I fought hard, but as the light fades, I’m past the point of fighting
I sit here and savor the taste of the taffy I’m biting
I rub my head and wonder will this too be my last of citing
As here in my, nocturne of days, I have taken to writing

A rich kid, whose spoken words, were once harkened as a ramble
When it comes to death, I’ve learned, in the end, we all scramble
Those yet may be my closing words, but first comes the preamble
How to tell the world, that cheap sex, is one expensive gamble

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