Looking Through Stained Glass

One of the Guys

I’m almost scared to go to sleep
For fear of the dreams I’ve begun to keep
I’ve been having the most crazy dreams.
And they are all about you it seems

It’s driving me crazy ‘cause I don’t know why
After all you’re just a friend, one of the guys

One of the guys I hang with everyday
At center down block, from where I all stay
Not a conscious thought in the daylight
But you were so much more last night

And the dreams are a real as a dream can be
I dreamed I was sleeping and you were holding me
And I could feel your strong arms all around
Making me feel so safe, secure and sound

And you smiling at me with that gleam in your eyes
But it can’t be, you’re just a friend, one of the guys

A classmate, one of our group that just hangs out
Hanging out for years, that’s all it’s ever been about
But in my dreams you’ve become so much more
Touching me in ways that make my heart soar

Your hands are quickly everywhere, yet in slow motion
The combination was such an intoxicating potion
Your lips viciously hungry, yet incredibly sweet
Kissing me deeply, where my lips meet

Filling my body with these heavy sighs
How can this be, you’re just a friend, one of the guys

But my dreams! My dreams! It just wasn’t right
How tenderly you come to me every night
It’s so hot in my dreams, I wake up in a sweat
And last week’s dream was the best/worst yet

I’m so wanton in my dreams, it’s a certainty
No one would ever believe in my virginity
How every inch of me burned for you with desire
How when you enter me, it’s a whole new fire

Feeling tears of pleasure fall from my eyes
But not you, you’re just a friend, one of the guys

You give me a moment, holding me steady
Kissing me oh so softly, until I’m ready,
Then your next move is so incredibly slow
And it felt like, no you felt like – oh we felt like – oh!

Even for a dream, it was all I dreamed of
Is my sub-conscious telling me I’m in love
Have my feeling for you started to sway
It’s so bad, I couldn’t look at you yesterday

I tell myself my sub-conscious lies
After all you’re just a friend, one of the guys

These visions of you nearly make me weep
But at last, I’m no longer afraid to go to sleep
I decided I had no choice, but to confess to you
But you admit to dreams of me, before I had a chance to

What's gets me now?
They just might come true...

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