Looking Through Stained Glass


Out on the balcony, they dine
The conversations sparkles
Under a setting sun, all is fine

As the light faded, they go inside
They don’t bother with lights
Yes, this evening, has turned a tide

Side by side and in a spoon embrace
She’s stripped then teased everywhere
With kisses as genteel, as Venetian lace

Body meets body, in the sultry night
Pressing closely to one another
One holding sweetly, one holding tight

Rough hands caress the most gentle skin
And her soft heated moans escape
As she is fulfilled so deep within

He bites his lip, as she curves her back
Her fingers grip with new intensity
At his firm completion of the stack

And they hold still at this intense feel
For to move may break the mood
And no one wants to find this isn’t real

But their bodies demand a need as they must
Sighs crescendo into moans, into screams
Faces contort in the pleasures of each thrust

In this give and take of passions so raw
They know they’ll feel this days later
Even as they climax,, then withdraw

His opinion is asked on this household of three
He kisses his wife and she kisses their lover
And with a broad smile, simply states “Ooh Oui!”

The French phrase for “household of three”?
ménage à trois
ménage à trois

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