Looking Through Stained Glass


It is three a.m. I cannot sleep
Beyond tired I want to weep
Crazed thoughts buzz around my head
Push it in deep, hear not a peep

You lay awake beside my bed
No scary thoughts to cause you dread
Its innocence upon your face
Not death ahead, just overhead

The blame is mine, we’re in this place
Its time I wish I could erase
Some other day or maybe night
To take its place, to fill this space

These dreadful thoughts do give me fright
I know I should just leave your sight
Until these feelings are, deplete
I’m trapped with fright, trapped in this plight

You are my child, my daughter sweet
My life with you is so complete
With perfect curls in bed you lay
But I am beat, so very beat

Your tears I just can’t seem to sway
My nerves have long begun to fray
I know that help is coming here
It’s on its way, just hold to day

The need for quiet is severe
It’s put these bad thoughts in my ear
My Lord, your peace! Just one small sign?
My faith is drear, I cry with fear

I feel the fear in me resign
My child she sleeps! Her face benign
I pray the Lord our souls to keep
And sleep divine, Thank You it’s mine

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