Looking Through Stained Glass

She was all of two if a day
But inside she was so much more
Her very being starts to sway
It completes her hear a score
Whenever music starts to play
It was a call that she heeded
Everything she needed
Her core

At four years called a prodigy
Her gift of music a true call
She made the bland feel bright, dainty
She played each month winter through fall
Velvet dresses in shades pretty
Local papers would give her raves
Who could question she gave
Her all

A tool by her tenth year of age
She sang and played simply by rote
No one noticed the growing rage
That’s held deep down within her throat
Making decisions less than sage
To force the pain away longer
Sneaks tokes of things stronger
Than smokes

But by the time she hits fourteen
She’s no longer a novelty
And starts to learn this world is mean
Without originality
A harsh blow to her self esteem
One who rarely saw home or hearth
Star now brought down to earth
She screams

Thus when she’s eighteen if that much
She’s just about lost all control
And her calling’s now less than such
As new sensations became goal
She gave up all the things that touch
The music that was once her heart
The thing rendered apart
Her soul

Now twenty begs free the slaughter
That's brought a life that’s grown remote
“If you want to walk on water
You’ve got to get out of the boat”
She does this for her young daughter
The things we do for love binds
With a leap of faith finds
She floats

And when she’s all of fifty years
She’ll look back on this time and smile
With only a hint of the tears
For the relapse that took a while
She envelops all her loved dears
With music each and everyday
With refound love she plays
In style

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