Looking Through Stained Glass

Image of woman leaving scratch marks across a man's back

In the club’s sauna, the steam rises thick
Our bodies hot, covered with a mild dew
Mild condensation upon me and you
My hooded eyes travel down your body
Water tendrils adorn your muscles slick
And I know you’re doing the same of me

Looking at your frail beauty in this heat
Eyes link, emotions start to unfold
I find myself with inclinations bold
You sit near me in blatant desire
Your body curvaceous, yet so petite
It’s not the steam that has me on fire

I reach out and tilt your head towards mine
Pause but a moment for any clue missed
So you guide my lips to yours for the kiss
We’re alone but I won’t take any chance
Locking the door cupping your mould so fine
Our tongues continue their intricate dance

Slowly I bring my lips to your warm breast
Together rising to the occasion
Each via a different persuasion
Uninhibited within lover’s trust
With each move we put it to the test
Bodies reversed in tempestuous lust

Taking on rush the of rising fervor
The blood in my veins pulses very hard
All sense of decorum is blown to shards
As we take and give first gently a slow
Wanting to keep this closeness forever
The descants of our merging ebb and flow

I gasp in the pleasure/pain of your grip
Sex and sweat drips from our bodies’ stark
Two lovers ravaged in passion’s park
Two strangers connect, no reason or rhyme
Now, the start of a beautiful friendship
That we somehow know will be more in time

Deep breaths segue into so soft moans
Moans crescendo to screams of raw pleasure
And return to soft breaths in measure
I smile at query look of your eyes
Intertwining my fingers with your own
And kiss yes to your request of reprise

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