Looking Through Stained Glass


Come a snooner a kacke came knocking at my door
Without looking, I yell I don’t want none what he got
But he says he’s not selling he’s a asking something
So, I looked and he was one saderable looking scrot

Completely as grunklint as the eyes can see
The most banungled britches, a croffy looking hat
Nails and toes were crusted worse than a dricket
And them be the best things on him at that!

I guess he figured he but had but a scritch
To get to my gut, he be talking so fast
I could not tell you a word that old kacke said
But ‘fore I know more than a scritch had past

And I don’t know what came over cold-heated me
I guess I just took pity on the man you know
He got food, a bath and my gone matey’s old clothes
And for my thanks he said he would Schydannko

Now I likes to think I know some of the world
At least round these parts I do carry some clout
And it seemed the Schydannko was important to him
But I plumb didn’t know what it was about

So I watch him walk in monyon field a piece
And he starts a frippet of a vinnye prancing
But I be struck a whole snickety-snoyter
To even call what he was doing dancing

And the crumblely-doy that kacke made!
I don’t know what it be calling
But in no part I know it be singing
No, no! Not that caterwauling!

There were no words to describe it
All that twinging, hooggering and scrid
I only guessing to my bestest guess
It was the Schydannko that he did

And as he hooggered it seemed the tall grass
Bent deep to stay out the kacke’s waying
Even monyon stickley old ook tree
Seemed to be avoiding his swaying

A Schydanno he did without a stop
He didn’t even stop for sip of goloovreem
All that twinging and scridding for hours
Schydannkoing under his own steam

Yeah he Schydannkoed facing the East
The he Schydannkoed facing the West
And me not having a comparison
I figure he can Schydannko with the best

But came a smooner he be a goner
in a brighten flash of lighten
And just like that, that saderable kacke
was plumb gone out my sighten
Never again did I ever see his liken,
neither another dayen or nighten
And where he Schydannkoed
nary a thing ever again stood uprighten

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