Looking Through Stained Glass

Self Imposed Despair

Where once there dwelled a spirit of lightness
Brightness of soul that roamed the blue
True as only pureness of heart is thriven
Given in the heavens – by his love held aloft

Soft yet strong defining permanent
Firmament as longer than always
All days she flourished in his warm glow
So blissful in their own little world

Hurled was she then when everything changed
Rearranged by his unexpectedly passing
Massing a cloud atlas upon heaven strewn
Hewn from the shattered pieces of her heart

Charts her plummet to the solid ground
Bound to Earth broken left without wings
Sings a lament of soulful pain
Bane to hope’s chance of cleaving

Leaving naught but a darkness
Starkness beyond mere words rendering
Surrendering to vale, to worship, to own
Alone in a self imposed despair

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