Looking Through Stained Glass

Separate Nights


I wish I was with you.

As full as the moon above
Is my heart’s frustration

I want to be skin to skin.

Within your arms of love
Emptied of my desperation

Freed from the regret.

Sometimes harsh, sometimes sublime
Drifting between then and now

Time I know I shall never see

To meet again as if for the first time
Someday, somewhere, somehow

But I lay alone in my darkness.

Dreaming it’s your warmth I feel
As I tightly grasping my pillow

Desperate for your touch.

That the wind’s gentle appeal
Is a sensual kiss you blow

Looking into Luna’s face instead.

I pretend my moon is the same
As the one that rides across your night

Just as strong, just as fragile.

As the eggshell syllables of your name
I whisper to the ghost of you in the moonlight

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