Looking Through Stained Glass

Songs of A Distant Chord

I feel the warmth of the sun touch my face

Wishing I could stick my boots in ocean foam
This desert heat is so far from my urban home

My shift soon to be done, I’ve started to pace
As I think on the one who last worked this space
Who held a similar gun, who I’ve just replaced

A fellow soldier wounded by a hidden land mine

His mind mends, but his body? Not quite as well
Assignments blend, so now in his job I dwell

Driver stridden, the assignment I’m signed
It’s a hard road ridden and sleep will be divine
A yawn comes unbidden, but I hurdle it fine

But it’s harder around this time of year

As the seasons sift to into a different mood
And daily greetings merge into tidings good

How I wish I was home now is abundantly clear
Would I be remiss to say I want miracles to appear?
As once again I will miss my family and holiday cheere

Given my druthers, I'd choose a table flowing rife

With food and all the things of home and tradition
The songs we sing, though not always in perfect rendition

Such a far cry is that other form stress and strife
Where my dad and brother wrestle over the carving knife
Above all I miss just being a mother and a wife

But it’s also the holidays that leave me feeling anchored

Reminding me loudly of home and the reason why
I hold this gun proudly, for I’m true Semper Fi

Though each time I wake I pray this is the last I’ve warred
Still I fight for a way in this land where I’m abhorred
And dream of the holiday and songs of a distant chord

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