Looking Through Stained Glass

Storm Play

I sit by the fireside looking out the window
It was a warm rain, the kind you walk with your lover
It plays its pitter patter song on the window pane
The downbeat in soft counterpoint
To the full glass walls of the greenhouse
Just across the way

I watch you in the midst of a deep dreamy state
Silk in the most translucent hue covers you,
But can it really be called covering?
When I can so clearly see all of you?
Supine in submissive nakedness,
I hear you moan

Compelled to follow the contours of you
I discover I am up from my seat
Cautiously moving closer, much closer to you
So I can watch more of this dreamscape you
A sharp intake of air by you, freezes you
Your backbone curved in perfect arch
And I hear warm mocha areolas calling
Like a recorded song

As if caught in some sort of bottleneck,
I watch the silhouette of your curves
Silently leaning next to you,
Your complete nakedness illuminated
By the not so distant lightning
The increased intensity of the oncoming storm
Matches my mood

But I don’t want to give in to the temptation,
To wake you from your passion dream
Even as my own body starts to betray me
Heated heaviness between my legs
Humbugs the restraint

Your hand sits upon your garden
Slender fingers near hidden
In the petals of your intimate rose,
Your sleeping smile and long legs widen
Exposing moist plump lips that beg
For a kiss

Down on my knees, my mouth waters,
My eyes glaze in mounting sensuousness
Your body starts to passionately quiver
Like someone just violently popped an airbag
A sudden aura surrounds - my resistance’s shortfall
I answer the call

Gently positioning my naked body over yours
You pull me into deep into your dream
And you take me, all of me, deep into your bliss,
Adrift in a rolling thunder of moans,
The ecstasy of flight, I love the night storm
We brace ourselves for the shock of it
As lightning flashes and thunder cracks on cue
As if to mandate NOW!

And only when the storm has once more subsided
Into the melodic pitter patter of earlier
Did I espy that all knowing smile of yours
And all I can do is laugh as I once again fall
For your little games, but the last laugh is mine
As another storm rises

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