Looking Through Stained Glass

Such A Little Word

I know he can hear me
I see it in his eyes
I feel the depth of his frustrations
With every tear he cries
I know he’s trying to rail,
Trying to scream, trying to shout
But try as he might, true words
We all know, just can’t come out

A three-year-old mind trapped
In a fourteen year old frame
Each day holds very little difference
But they’re never quite just the same
Searching for the rare moments
Of complete cognizance
For that miracle of his smile
His soundless laugh with a little dance

Autism is such a little word
For the mighty struggle that goes on within
That my six year colloquially describes as
“Missing a little of what ought ‘tis be in him”
For a childish blanket statement
It sort of holds pat
But even at her young age she realizes
It’s a lot more than that

As cruel as only kids can be
They take stabs at her young soul
When teased about her big brother
Who has about as much control
On how some days he’s happy active
Willing to play, pretending to help sweep
Versus the several days at a time
When he’ll do little more than sleep

And I don’t know what is harder on us all
The bad days when he withdraws from all we meet
Or the really good days when we can spend hours
Without a sudden episode in the middle of the street
Those times give a false since of hope
A hint of the child that he could have been
We endure instead, the echoes of silence
He’s forever trapped within

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