Looking Through Stained Glass

Back Heat Art by Olivia

Caress me...

I am your instrument
Make me long for the feel of you
Let your fingers lightly caress my neck
As if gliding soundless upon piano keys
Poising in preparing to play

Tune me...

Initiate me to the notes of your desires
Infuse me to the harmony of your wants
Instill in me the performance of your wishes
Attune me to provide you needs completely
Make me yours - only yours

Touch me...

Hold me close, Maestro
You alone have my heart
My body is yours to wrap around
Strike a chord in my soul
Make me a part of your essence
Enslave me to the chorus of your will
Impress your spirit to the core of mine
So that we never part

Play me...

Strike that first chord of pleasure
As I surrender to your passion,
You make me melody
The moans that escape my lips
The overture of our love song

Take me…

Your mere presence an overture
That engulfs my love like kindling
Your hands entice my body to sing.
Your kisses make my flesh dance
You are all I trust myself to feel
The vibration of your voice upon my skin
Cause my pulse to quicken
And all to open wide
As you infuse me with your concerto
Our combined passions crescendo
Lyrical librettos surge
Completing our latest symphony

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