Looking Through Stained Glass

Olden hand kiss
Telling Tales

Bathed and brushed and nicely tucked-in
All the small things as Mama says
‘Once upon a time…’ the old tales begin,
and thus would end my days

Lore of men strong and maidens fair
My young mind swimming in lore
Chivalry, gallantry and savoir faire
Secretly teaching me mores

Only the “Loki”s and “Morgana”s misbehave
was your favorite form of correction
So I learn how men and women should behave
how could I not make that connection

Even my dreams of when I’m grown
were a mix of exploits and picket fence
But now I’m here all on my own
And none of it makes any sense

Where is this grand love above all other sway
The Prince Charming, the maidens’ eyes bright
No one mentions how the ladies get through the day
When the lords are holding others at night

A man holds his pride and his abode
stays stalwart through life’s whims
No one mentions what’s the code
When it’s the woman abusing him

We’re brought up to search a certain ideal
Never to settle for less than all that
But the stories don’t hold up to what’s real
But we’re still failures for falling flat

Bathed and brushed and nicely tucked-in
All the small things I’m wont to say
‘Let me tell you about the time…’ is how I begin
to tell tales a bit more in tune with today

Modern hand kiss
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