Looking Through Stained Glass

Thanatos' Maiden
Death and Maiden

I came to her in the height of darkness
To collect the life whose time was due
Usually unseen, and if seen rarely known
Surprised to hear whispered “I know you”

She lit a candle not that she needed its light
She had been waiting for me for a while
She tenderly caressed the hallow of my cheek
Undaunted by my most mirthless smile

Amused yet enchanted that she does not plea
As most do beg, for one more day of life
“I was born strictly to die my Lord
for just this night to be your wife”

I held my ache in check to watch enthralled
At this most unexpected gift I’ve been sent
As her hips sway in a damning decadent dance
Stripping slow and seductively as she went

Even in my cold state I feel the heat
The heat of lust, of passion’s fire
Pelvic thrusts spread knees wide open
Her body the essence of deadly desire

She sliding my cloak gently down my shoulders
both falling just to my hips
A phenomena felt but never seen,
There’s no mistaking her parted lips

I fall to my own knees before her
As she leans back in anticipation
Her eyes fly open by sudden movement
Surprised but pleased, by our levitation

Her fingers splay across my breastbone
Tracing across its hardened line
Levitated on a sigh of a lust filled wind
Her supple body wrapped on top of mine

She moans aloud at the feel of my deep bite
I feel the shock flow through her veins
We shiver violently, shaking my bones
The primal ecstasy found in lust’s pain

She’s barely conscious in the afterglow
Kissing the tears from my unseeing eyes
One last kiss before I take that which is mine
Sensuous and beautiful, she smiles as she dies

She came to me in the height of darkness
To collect the love whose time was due
To give me love I've rarely known
Haunted by her last whisper “I love you”

I was her first love, and thus her last
For this demise is what she’s ever sought
This lethal orgasm craved, and thus fulfilled
I, Thanatos was the one who was caught

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