Looking Through Stained Glass

The Packages
i kneel before my strapped lover
Eyes searching for the truths i seek
For the forceful vow to give my all for life
At this moment i’m rendered meek

Three wrapped boxes are presented at Her feet
But She moves not for the longest while
As sweetly as the eyes can see
i was done in by Her sudden smile

Permission granted i place the first of the gifts
In the lap i’ve grown to adore
She reveals the heart shaped pendant on a chain
“My heart and love, now Yours forever more.”

Only as cool as her eyes can see
i brace myself when i hear it sing
Her thank you wrapped in leather’s song
As i’m rewarded with a kiss of it’s sting

The next gift is slightly larger in size.
With a heavier hold in one’s hand
With only one hint to its contents
The inscription: Yours to Command

Eyes as questioning as the eyes can see
Speak more volumes than would mere words
Especially, after I break the clay into pieces
Then return it to Her in a shape most absurd

“It is my will now Yours to bend, to mold
To shape with Your fingers so deft”
Her nod tells me She does comprehend
What it means, as by Her side it is left

The next gift is the smallest in size
But carried the most weight
My hand trembles and i’m slow to release it
For it’s value to me is just that great

A major point of contention between us
This last piece never thought to be let go
The She would never earn that level of trust
For me to release completely so

i watch as She finds only letters fill the void
Interest piqued, She sorts out Her only clue
Her gaze as tender as the eyes can see
i kneel before Her as i’ve been trained to do

Bowed down with my eyes still closed
It’s by the click of Her heels on the wooden floor
And sensuous scent of Her and Her leather
That tells me She stands beside me once more

“This gift i give cannot be held,
And thus the most difficult to render
i gave You my heart, my love and my will
And now, i give unto you my surrender”

And i tremble at the feel of Her touch
But i by no means tremble in fear
As the sharp points of Her nails on my bare skin,
Draw patterns with strokes as gentle as tears

But last gift turned out to be one for me
In a move i never dreamed she’d condone
Latches my heart to her collar then gives me the key
In essence making Her property I own

And as loving as the eyes can be
She had relinquished all for her love for me
I had to relinquish all unto her just as freely
The final package? Loving in equality.

Mistress and slave

Equal Lovers

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