Looking Through Stained Glass

Old Postcard

This is me, just as I am
No fancy frills or notions
Just a woman

I don't knowingly put on airs
What you get is what you see
Before I could ever be right for you
I had to first be right for me

This is me
I don't try to be anything more
If a whole woman is what you seek
Then I'm all you're looking for

I don't have the best face
Ever to be seen
I may never become
A beauty queen
But this is me, only me

My body may be soft
But the soul inside is strong
I can help you carry your burden
when your world is feeling wrong

I may not have much
By the standards in which we live
But if my love you receive
the rest I'll easily give

You see I have no schemes or plans
The only weapons that could be
Is only my heart, only my soul
Only my love, only me

This is me, neither fancy nor plain
I'm no more than I need to be
Steeled strength, in a gloved hand
Offering love...

This is me

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