Looking Through Stained Glass


I know what you want, I want it so too
But choose to taunt you more instead
I walk around to remove the silk from your eyes
Leaving it close by your auburn-curled head
Your proud face fights the heat within
As you feel my body’s weight on the bed

You lay there among the satin sheets
Your copper skin adorned only by air
The top sheet tightly bunched in a niche
Designed to make you quite aware it's there
I reach to pull and twist the sheet even further
Quite enjoying how well you’re ensnared

You grasp the cuffs around your wrists
Outstretched upon the bed frame
Body arched you cope with the restraints
Holding your ankles just the same
A slight sheen reflects the candle glow
Your lust filled lips whisper my name

I want you to wonder what I have in store
Try guess what is the upcoming trick
I stare at your beauty, not moving at all
Save for our breathing, heavy and thick
Knowing in my gut, I’ve limited time
I’m so beyond the point of tantric

But somehow I manage control, to abstain
To prolong the games of this little tryst
Threading my lips so softly upon you
Until near every inch of you is kissed
But that proves to be my ultimate undoing
Facing that last inch, I can no longer resist

Not able to deny the need anymore
Your body trembles as I draw near
It’s the slippery slide of my tongue
The brings the sounds I want to hear
Your hoarse moans pleading for release
Are such sweet nocturnes to my ears

I take from you all that you have
And return to you all that I’ve got
Using the scarf left beside your head
As a form of sensual garrote
Until we are both besotted with need
And we explode when I hit the sweet spot

You and I break the rules of ‘normal’ relationships
Yes in this home, the rules are often redefined
As I awaken moaning from your kisses upon my breasts
And I reach out, only to find myself silk entwined
As you kneel, your stark hardness straddles above me
A brand new meaning for “the ties that bind”

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