Looking Through Stained Glass

Tiki Bar
image of a Tiki Bar
With ambition
The tiki bar’s ‘tender
Takes cold mint leaves
To gently crush them
Into a glass for my mojito

I see his mood elevate
While serendipitously gazing
At my languorously gyrating form
The island music changes from
The daytime’s manic mamba
To the slow sensuous
Sunset rhythms now heard

Giving me my drink
His eyes and smile linger
Just a moment longer
To watch
One cool drop of condensation
Slide down from
My glass to
My fingertip to
My clavicle to
My solar plexus

Hands raised high
Above my head
I smile sinfully
Letting the swing
Of my well tanned breasts
Captivate him
Before I meld
Into the impromptu parade
Of dancing bodies that pass by

There’s a certain satisfaction
in knowing
Of all the bodies
At this nude beach
Mine is the one
That makes his sizzle

Nude Beach Bunny
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