Looking Through Stained Glass

  Too Many?

green shoes

  Pass me the green ones hon, would you please?
Not the celery, much too light
Not that moss, much too tight
Not the mint, it won’t match with what I’m wearing
Not the Jade either, it’s much to daring
Not the pine, the hunter nor the apple will do
Geesh! Not the Khaki! What’s wrong with you!
Oh I’m so not wearing the alpine
I’ll not have folks think I’ve lost my mind
No! Not the forest, not the teal nor the pea
Just what are you trying to do to me?
The green one! No, the green one right there!
I’m beginning to think, you just don’t care…
What's the difference?! That's lime not chartreuse!
What do you mean I have too many shoes?


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