Looking Through Stained Glass

A Winter's Holiday
It’s a winter’s eve in a land far away
From the snow and the slush that’s my norm
Latin beats push dexterous bodies along its rhythms
No tan lines that I can see to mar their form

She rises from the ocean a Venus bronzed
Seemingly from no effort of her own
I’m in awe of each young drop slipping from her body
as it returns to the elder ocean’s foam

It’s a most gallant effort on my part
To let her come to me that way
I want run and take her in my arms
But I somehow just stay where I lay

She vamps above me standing akimbo
The setting sun giving her silhouette
A wager issued by merely standing there
And I so happily lose that bet

Pulling her down to lay beside me
The taste sea and liqueurs joined on her lips
I don’t know if it’s the cool breeze or the warm kisses
That has nicely peaked her tips

It’s a mixture of timidity & temptation
We’re secluded but not really alone
The constant threat of the voyeur
Sets a pleasure I’ve never known

Where fingers travel lips follow
Caution forgotten in the bliss
Of pleasure crashing like waves within us
Moans being hushed with a kiss

A winter’s holiday brought me to this place
A dream of Brazilian beaches and rum
But now there’s whole new reason I cling to
So very glad I’ve come 

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