Looking Through Stained Glass

Winter's Kiss

I see her, long before she sees me
Standing there in the park, snow lightly falling
Her face the picture of happy
She’s a winter faerie, this weather, her calling

Her joy is such a contagious thing
As pure as the pristine glow of this place
The simple pleasures seeing her can bring
I know a soft smile comes over my face

She plays with the last of the children in her care
Before their parents retrieve them for vacation
The friendship and kinship with all that she shares
Wishing each the happiest of celebrations

You just know the words come from her soul
It’s not just the season’s usual cache of words
The warmth felt is beyond one’s yen to control
It’s in each Merry Christmas that is heard

Finally, there she is all alone
As alone one can be in park in late-afternoon
In a moment I know she’ll pull out her phone
Wondering if I’ll be arriving anytime soon

But I stand back and just watch her just for a while
As she sticks out her tongue to taste the snow
Then draws back with a little self-conscious smile
The little girl inside the woman I know

I approach her blind side as she stands by a tree
And find myself floored as she takes me down
Never sneak up on a woman who knows Karate
And she tries not to laugh as I pretend to frown

It felt oh so strange, but yet oh so right
Laughing beside her in the falling snow
The melting flakes in her curls, a twinkling delight
No other moment could be as perfectly so

I surprise her as I fall to one knee
Wanting forever to have these moments of bliss
And ask the only question that could possibly be
Hearing her “yes” just before we kiss

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