Looking Through Stained Glass

It's 5 am. I woke in your arms smiling, now I watch you smile in your sleep as I blog. I leave the following knowing you read my blog as I read yours. You know I would never 'say' this out loud, but I must say it to you nonethe less.

Sleep Male

Afraid I would fall victim once again
I wrapped away my heart to keep it safe
Just parceled out minced parts only to friends

I’m not sure how you crept into my days
You came in and set my heartache free
it just feels like you have been there always

My choice for loneliness you did impugn
you shone a light on the farce that it was
and swept away the dust of my cocoon

You carved away small pieces from my soul
So small I never noticed them amiss
Until you gave it back to me when whole

I am tainted by the flame of your touch
I can’t consider scrubbing it away
For somehow I have come to need it much

One day your smile just rocked me to my joints
And, I knew that you were now a part of me
Deny this love? There wasn’t any point

This love that’s seen its laughter and its tears
A precious gift I’m very thankful for
This love that we’ve shared now for many years

Each day with you I have always felt blessed
But not as much as I have just this day
When, I asked for your hand and you said yes

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